10 Tips on how to think like a designer

From a great article by Garr Reynold’s on his blog Presentation Zen:


Most people do not really think about design and designers, let alone think of themselves as designers. But what, if anything, can regular people — teachers, students, business people of all types — learn from designers and from thinking like a designer? And what of more specialized professions? Can medical doctors, scientists, researchers, and engineers, and other specialists in technical fields benefit in anyway by learning how a graphic designer or interaction designer thinks? Is there something designers, either through their training or experience, know that we don’t? I believe there is.

Below are 10 things (plus a bonus tip) that I have learned over the years from designers, things that designers do or know that the rest of us can benefit from.

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Some of the tips mentioned here are words I live by daily. Others, it was nice to hear spelled out and to be reminded of. Take the time to read over these points, especially if you’re not the “creative” in your office. You may find you relate easier to them after you do.

[Pesentaion Zen via Mister Alexander]

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